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Needing a safe place to leave your kitties?

Karen's Kitty Kingdom is the purrfect home away from home. The catteries are situated outside therefore allowing the

kitties to be able run around in fresh air.The catteries are loft units including heaters that keep them

warm during the cooler evenings. We are a boutique cattery and have 11 wooden loft units,

3 chalet units and 3 units on an under cover patio these units allow each kitty to have personalized attention.

Each family of cats have their own loft which can take 2 kitties in a loft cabin with our Lavender unit allowing three cats.

At Karen's Kitty Kingdom we cater for all your feline friends' needs allowing you to have a relaxing holiday and our

cattery we try to make the kitties feel it is their "home from home". Our lovely outdoor cattery

allows for the kittys to have an extra play area and a high view to feel safe and look over their surroundings.

Each cabin has their own personalized play area that has a few plants and artificial grass.

Each cabin contains toys to entertain the kittys and these we rotate daily.

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