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Have a look at our Kitty Kingdom Shop!

Email to place your order or ask questions.

Collection will be at Karen's Kitty Kingdom.

Catnip Chaser - R160.00

Scratcher Refill - R80.00

Treats - R35.00 Each Packet

Scratcher Wooden Floor Unit - R220.00

Cat Litter Tray - R75.00

Litter Scoop - R30.00

Cat bed Available Navy Blue or Brown - R150.00 each

Cat Toy Ball - R10.00 each

Cat Toy Ball with Feathers - R10.00 each

Cat Tunnel Available Pink & Blue - R 200.00

Eco Cat Litter 20kg - R130

Fishing Box with Wire Balls - R50.00

Fishing Rob with Rainbow Mouse - R50.00

Super Grass - R30.00 

Super CatNip 40 g - R30

Cat Carrier White, Blue & Pink -R250.00 each 

Cat Standard Bowl - R15.00

Cat Dish Flat 13cm 200ml - R20.00

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